AVL Service+ Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Freeance Mobile Webinar Add AVL tracking to mobile Cityworks apps

Turn your iOS and Android mobile devices into GPS AVL tracking units. See where your crews are on your mobile Cityworks apps, and back in the office.

Get on the bus - Real-time Mobile App

The YRT/Viva mobile app makes it easy for you to get real-time service information on your mobile device, so you know when your bus is coming. Download the ...

QCY QY8 Bluetooth 4.1 Earbud Headphones (W/ mic for use w/ smartphones)

QCY QY8 Bluetooth Earbud Headphones by Matone - available at the Amazon website. Here is a short review video for the new model QCY QY8 bluetooth ...

Demonstration and Review of Mobile Apps for Cityworks

Webinar: Demonstration and Review of Mobile Apps for Cityworks. Cityworks Field Mode, Cityworks Native iOS and Android, Cityworks Web Mobile, Freeance ...

Freeance Mobile for Cityworks New Release 5.3 App Review

Freeance Mobile GPS Tracker for iOS

Freeance Mobile GPS/AVL Tracking

Turn your iphones, iPads and Androids into GPS tracking devices - sending GPS data directly to your ArcGIS databases. Lets crews see each other in the field ...

Feeance Mobile 5 Webcast Part 2

setting gps tracker on line tk102,tk103,tk104,tk106

Mobile Business Intelligence Application for Microsoft Surface Tablet | Affirma

Affirma's innovative approach to mobile app development on the Windows RT Surface Tablet provides a benchmark for future Windows 8 apps. Affirma's Mobile ...

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